Blue Lounge Design CableDrop Cable Management System

The Blue Lounge Design CableDrop Cable Management System will be of a big help to desks that are cluttered and just a wired mess! This is item comes in six with three in bright colors and the other three in muted. They are all capable of holding wires that are up to 7.5mm in diameter. They can even hold your pen that seems to always get lost in the clutter! It will hold your wires in place because of its peel and stick backing. You can easily attach it to any flat surface such as the desk or even the wall. You no longer need to worry about tangled wires or fussing about which wire connects to the right port.

Blue Lounge Design CableDrop Cable Management System Review:

As of date, this office gadget was reviewed by 52 customers. The average rating for this was 2.9 out of 5. We can see that customers had opposite views about this item. The highest score of 5 was only given by 32% of the customers while the lowest score of 1 earned 44% of the customers.

One of the customers who reviewed this item was so amazed about its simplicity but function. This reviewer was able to use it in the car to hold the charger cable. She also put it on the television to hold the wire for the headphones which she uses when she watches TV at night. A husband bought this for his wife who wants everything to be clutterless. A reviewer was happy about the performance of these cable holders and had been using them for more than month already. This reviewer gave the tip to pull on the left or right side of the holder in order to put thicker wires into them. An owner of an iPod and iPhone put these on her dresser to hold both cables which saved her from having to pick up the wires that fall to the floor. Another also commented that these work well especially on the desk so that you don’t need to reach in the back in order to find the right wires.

There were those who thought this office gadget was a joke. Numerous complained that the adhesive tape didn’t work and that it just didn’t stick at all. Many complained that after leaving the cable holder for a couple of hours, they came back to find that it didn’t stay in place. In addition to that, many other reviewers were not happy because they felt that their package was not an authentic Blue Lounge item but a fake one that was sold online. They felt that they didn’t get the value of their money and recommended others not to buy this product.

Based on the rating, we can clearly see that more customers were not satisfied by this product for the basic reason that it didn’t stick well and felt that it was a counterfeit. We believe that there are other products which will aid in helping you keep your wires in place.

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