Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

The Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium is a delightful thing to use when you’ve got to get work done and need a relaxing view. This holds 1 ½ quarts water for small fish to make their home in. An LCD will provide you the information of time and date. The temperature is also visible. If you need a power nap, you can use any of the 6 modes of nature sounds. The aquarium comes with LED lights and a low voltage pump. A USB connector can be found on this item and getting information from a USB will be all the more fun.

Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium Review:

This office gadget received an average rating of 3.1 out of 5. Less than 20 people reviewed this product. On top of that, we can see that 31% or an equal amount of customers who gave it a perfect score of 5 and 1. The other customers voted differently.

Many customers noted how this aquarium added life to their desk. It was a welcome eyesight and one noted that it even makes a great conversational piece. Some of the fish that customers have put into the aquarium include guppies, veiltail beta fish, and ghost shrimp. The aquarium was noted to be quiet and the filter was good in keeping the water clean. On top of that, the aquarium can run on regular electricity as noted by a reviewer. This also makes a great gift as several reviewers bought it for a dear person in their life. Some have stated that this was change the way you look at a desk.

Customers received this office gadget without an adapter or extension cord. Some had to go out and buy because otherwise they had to leave their computer running in order for the aquarium to get a power source. One mentioned that he did wish that it had a USB hub instead. One had the experience of the alarm clock going off and in the end, this reviewer used this product solely as an aquarium. Other complaints regarding the aquarium were that the pump was broken and another experienced her desk getting wet because there was a hole in the cord which brings the water back to the aquarium. Some felt that this was cheaply made and was considered as a toy by other reviewers. A few customers pointed out that the aquarium was too small for any fish to be happy or to thrive in.

If you do not mind keeping small fish and are looking for a way to brighten up your desk with life, you may consider getting this desktop aquarium. This gadget has an alarm clock and will be able to tell you other useful information as well. We believe that this is a good buy solely for the purpose of having live decoration on your desktop which can be relaxing in the midst of a stressful work week or to just have one as a conversational piece.

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