Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar

The Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar is a great way to keep track of all your activities for the month. It is large enough at 37 in. x 49 in. and each of the squares that you can write on is 5 in. x 6 in. You don’t need to worry about having crooked handwriting on this calendar because lines go through it which will help you keep your writing straight. With this kind of wall calendar, you need to worry about chalk flying in the air as you clean it since only a wet-eraser marker is used on it. Say goodbye to squinting at small office calendars or rummaging through your notebook to get a glance of your working activities for the week with the use of this calendar.

Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar Review:

This office gadget received a high review at 4.5 out of 5 stars. We can see that many customers were satisfied by this product since 54% of them scored it with the highest point of 5 and its lowest score was a 3 only given by one person.

It was highly recommended by reviewers who liked it. At “a glance” customers were able to tell what was going to happen throughout the day or what they planned for the week. One wife noted that it was a perfect calendar for the small business that her husband owned since he could easily write down customer jobs. To add, she mentioned that this was the better solution than looking at the computer or small calendars made out of paper. Reviewers pointed out that this was very helpful in organization. A reviewer mentioned that it was a great calendar especially if you have a lot of activities to do. A mother was also happy that she could use it to write down her son’s schedules which included different sports and academics. One liked it because it was laminated and other reviewers were happy about how easy it was to clean.

There were a few issues the office gadget however. A few noticed that the dry erase markers were not that effective and one military wife found that Windex actually helped in removing stains. Others also aired that concern that it left stains and marks on the calendar. Another customer complained that when she received her package, there were a lot of creases on it from being folded several times; she suggested that this calendar come in a tube. The reviewer who scored it a 3 did so because she felt that it was too expensive especially with the way that it was packaged. Although there were concerns regarding this calendar, all of the reviewers still liked the product.

This item can be used whether to put down schedules for the family or to use at the office for a business. Its size will make it easier for everyone to keep track of the schedules and make organizing easier. We believe that this a good buy and highly recommend it for all who need a boost in organizing their schedules.

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