Magnetic Decision Maker

The Magnetic Decision Maker is a great tool for anyone working in the office who may need a little help sometimes in decision making. Not only will this little tool help you in making quick decisions, but it can also be some form of stress reliever as users watch the pendulum swing back and forth. It will also help relieve stress by adding a little bit of fun into your working time by watching it swing and anticipating the answer. At the same time, this will give any desk office a new look which will catch the attention of others. This decision maker comes in two parts with its base and the suspender. It is made of metal and is 4 x 4 x 9.5 inches and weighs 5.4 ounces.

Magnetic Decision Maker Review:

4.1 out of 5 stars were given to this product by those that reviewed it.

Many reviewers agree that this product brings a lot of fun at someone’s desk whether it is at the office or even your very own home desk. Not only is it a fun toy to use to help in making decisions, but it sparks curiosity within others who stop by and want to use it too. The additional fun in it is that you never know what the decision will be until the pendulum comes to a complete stop. One of the reviewers thought that this would make a lovely gift and bought it for someone that she knew. One person added that this toy can be educational as well when looking at it from a physics point of view. Many are accustomed to the 8 ball, so this was considered by a reviewer to be of an interesting design and certainly unique too. Since it is magnetic, it does not need batteries in order to operate and at the same time, you can have fun knowing that there are no gimmicks involved with this toy; it just simply makes a decision for you.

A negative side to this product is that many thought it was poorly built because the quality made it cheap. For some, the pendulum was not straight enough and always ended up giving the same answer because it was not fully centered on the middle of the base. The reviewer complained that it was designed poorly.The only thing that lightened their feelings toward this decision maker is that it came at a cheap price and at least looked interesting sitting on top of their desk.

There’s no contest that this Magnetic Decision Maker definitely caught the attention of users and onlookers; and at the same time, it provided fun in helping make decisions and giving users few minutes of break time just watching the pendulum swing. On top of that, almost all of those who reviewed this item really liked it and recommended it to others who would like a fun decision making experience as well. This is a must buy for those who want to add a little bit of spice on their desks and some breathing room when at work.

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