Rodolex Open Rotary Business Card

The Rodolex Open Rotary Business Card, under code 67236, is an office accessory that comes in handy when it comes to keeping your files and important contact information very close to you. You will discover that it features a very sturdy metal case and a smooth turning rotary mechanism so that you can easily browse things and keep things in tab and in order for you. It basically includes 200 transparent sleeves so that you can keep different business cards. The size of the card that it holds is 2-1/4-x-4-inch. Although business cards are given with it, it is good to keep these business cards in tab. There are also 24 A-Z business cards to insert in. The rotary file can really hold up to 400 different business styles and is extremely useful when it comes to organization and keeping things in check.

Rodolex Open Rotary Business Card Review:

The office gadget was rate by customers. It received an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. 33% of people gave both the 5 and 4 stars. Then 22% gave 3 stars and finally 11% of the reviewers gave 1 star. So we can see that the 5 and 4 star scores are tied with the 3 stars not so far behind. However with only 11% given to 1 star review, we can that this item is actually a good item. When it comes to looking at reviews it is important to view the rating according the stars so that you have an idea why it was scored so.

This is the positive review based on the people who gave good ratings to this item. Many have said that it is a great deal and great item. Considering that they have bought this online, they feel that this is an item that is worth buying. One of the good things about it is that the size is for normal business cards. It wasn’t too small or too big so the regular size business card fit better. The clear protectors for each of the business cards made it easier to get and also you can easily look at the back side of the card without having to take it out. It easily revolves and the cards don’t move out of place but it easily stays where it is supposed to be. When it is placed on the desk, it also doesn’t move around easily because of the rubber stand. It just simply wouldn’t fail and one of the best things is that it is easy to carry around as well.

This office gadget did have some issues. For example, the cards have to be manually manipulated which can be tiring. The individual sheets also pull off easily when that is not what you need or even want. For some individuals they may easily feel that it is a bit too pricey for their taste. Some also felt like the quality lacked.

We believe that this is a good item to buy in order to help people be effective in searching for business cards so that time will not be wasted because in business, time is gold.

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