Universal High-Capacity Business Card File

The Universal High-Capacity Business Card File is business card file box that will prevent any future hair loss for any business man or secretary. It can hold up to 600 cards. It’s made out of black metal file with a smoked toped. The lid can be opened easily because of the hinges. The cards are easily accessible because of the panel that can quickly move forward. It also includes 20 alphabetical A-Z guides in order to keep contacts organized.

Universal High-Capacity Business Card File Review:

The customers reviewed this office gadget and it earned an average rate of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Here we can find that 15 customers reviewed it. If you want to break it all down we can that 33% of customers gave 5 stars. Next we will see that 40% of the customers gave 4 stars. Then 3% of those who reviewed gave 3 stars. While only 6% of customers gave both 2 stars and 1 star for the review.

The positive feedback from the customers varies. One customer said that this card file helped him store the information he needed for his wood business. It’s a good way to keep the information segregated yet organized. Although it looks small, it can amazingly store a lot of information. There is no need to get the cards out of plastic covers which is a good thing as well. Another customer said that the quality was impressive and organizing was also easier for her. One who reviewed the product stated that it is a perfect item since it can organize and it is lightweight but at the same time sturdy. Another reviewer stated that it was a great place to keep different business cards that you wouldn’t want thrown away even after you have typed the information into the computer.

On the negative side however, customers raised issues about this office gadget. One customer saw that it was a nice idea but thought that the way the product made was poor. This customer experienced the lid popping out because the hinges didn’t keep it in place. In addition, the lid was not able to close properly because it was not aligned correctly. In line with this comment, one reviewer also found that the lid didn’t close properly which made it difficult to carry the card file around for fear of the cards falling out. Another reviewer stated that not having enough cards in the file made the other cards quickly fall down to the bottom. In the same context, another customer said that there since there are no dividers, the cards won’t be able to stay put.

You should go ahead and buy this product if you have a lot of cards that need to be put in place and that needs to be easily accessible to you. However, as noted in the reviews, keep in mind that there might be a possibility that the lid may not be secure enough so it is a card file that you wouldn’t want to bring around on travels but is better off being left in the office.

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